Princess Alexia’s Diamond Tiara

Happy 52nd Birthday to Princess Alexia of Greece and Denmark. As eldest daughter of the King and Queen of Greece and the niece of Queen Margrethe of Denmark and Queen Sofia of Spain, Princess Alexia has attended a plethora of tiara events. In honour of her birthday, take a look at her personal Diamond Tiara-

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Given as a gift to Princess Alexia from her parents, the Tiara is composed of a dense, diamond-packed design, with various motifs. It was first worn in the 1990s, and though Princess Alexia has been loaned the Antique Corsage Tiara and the Khedive of Egypt Tiara before, it has been her only tiara since her 1999 wedding.

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One of the earliest appearances was at the wedding of her cousin, Prince Joachim of Denmark, in 1995. (Top left)

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The first post-wedding appearances was at the 60th Birthday Celebrations of her aunt, Queen Margrethe of Denmark, in April 2000. Princess Alexia wore the Tiara for the Gala Performance and the State Banquet the next evening.

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Princess Alexia wore her diamond tiara at the wedding of Crown Prince Haakon of Norway in 2001,…

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… the wedding of her cousin, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, in 2004,…

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… and Prince Joachim’s second wedding in 2008.

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In April 2010, Princess Alexia wore the diamond tiara at Queen Margrethe’s 70th Birthday Celebrations, including the Gala Performance and Dinner.

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The last time Princess Alexia was pictured wearing her diamond tiara was at the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden in 2010.

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In 2013, Princess Alexia loaned her diamond tiara to her younger sister, Princess Theodora for the wedding of Princess Madeline of Sweden. That was the last time the Tiara was seen in public.

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4 thoughts on “Princess Alexia’s Diamond Tiara

  1. This is quite a lovely tiara. As starter tiaras go, it is quite substantial, especially compared to the little bitty ones the princesses of Sweden got. On the other hand, her sister Princess Theodora doesn’t seem to have one of her own at all, at least that I know of. I wonder why is that so? Luckily, Princess Alexia is a sweet sister who doesn’t mind sharing, which is super nice to see!

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    1. The Greek Royals have been in exile for almost 50 years, and funds must have been tight! I’m have a feeling her grandmother Queen Ingrid may have contributed funds towards this Tiara, and back in those days there were many more tiara events than there are now, which Princess Alexia was attending!
      Princess Theodora leads a different lifestyle in LA, and thus doesn’t need a tiara as often as her sister. It will be interesting to see how the jewels are divided among the younger siblings when the time comes (hopefully it may be many years before then) !


  2. My word, that is a strange ensemble that Alexia wore to Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding! The gown is odd enough, but the handbag looks extremely strange. However, whenever I see a photo of Queen Margrethe at Joachim’s first wedding, I think she looks magnificent – as if she had stepped out of a paintings by Holbein. Fabulously theatrical – but she can pull it off with aplomb.

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