Princess Alexia’s Ruby Bow Brooch

Happy Birthday to Princess Alexia of Greece, who turns 53 today! The eldest daughter of King Constantine and Queen Anne Marie of Greece, granddaughter of four Sovereigns, and niece of Queen Margrethe of Denmark and Queen Sofia of Spain, she has attended a plethora of glittering occasions, often wearing this Ruby Bow Brooch.

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This glittering Diamond and Ruby Bow Brooch was first worn by Queen Alexandrine, the Consort of King Christian X of Denmark, who wore the piece for a variety of glittering occasions, including one of her earliest portraits as Queen, the Wedding of Crown Prince Leopold of Belgium and Princess Astrid of Sweden, and King Christian’s Silver Jubilee in 1937. The Brooch is reputed to come from Queen Alexandrine’s Mecklenburg-Schwerin/Romanov relatives, but given it’s later Greek significance, I suspect it may be a gift from her husband’s uncle, King George I of Greece.

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After Queen Alexandrine passed away, the Brooch was inherited by her successor Queen Ingrid, who usually wore it with the glittering Danish Ruby Parure. The Danish Royal Family has close ties with the Greek Royal Family, ties which were further reinforced when King Constantine of Greece married Princess Anne Marie of Denmark. Queen Ingrid wore the Ruby Bow Brooch at the Greek Monarchy Centenary Gala in 1963, and the pre-wedding Ball of King Constantine of Greece and Queen Anne-Marie the following year.

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In 2000, Queen Ingrid bequeathed the Ruby Bow Brooch to her eldest granddaughter, Princess Alexia of Greece, further supporting my claim about a Greek provenance. The Brooch was worn by Princess Alexia at a variety of events, including the Wedding of Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, the Wedding of Prince Joachim, and Crown Prince Felipe’s Wedding Ball. I have no doubt we will continue to see it for years to come.


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  1. Princess Alexia has some excellent jewels even though she belongs to a deposed royal family. This brooch is not only beautiful, but its provenance is amazing! I wish much joy to the birthday girl!

  2. How did I miss this brooch? Rubies are also my birthstone and it is unusual for me to miss significant ruby jewellery. Thanks for bringing this beauty to my attention!

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