Princess Birgitta’s Pearl Circle Tiara

Happy Birthday to Princess Birgitta of Sweden and Hohenzollern who turns 80 today. The daughter of Prince Gustaf Adolf and Princess Sibylla of Sweden, Princess Birgitta is the sister of King Carl XVI Gustaf and the second of the four ‘Haga Princesses’. She is also the first cousin of Queen Margrethe of Denmark and Queen Anne Marie of Greece. In 1961, she married Prince Johann Georg of Hohenzollern, son of the Prince of Hohenzollern, in a civil ceremony in Sweden and a religious ceremony in her grooms native Germany. The couple had three children but separated in 1990, while continuing to attend Royal events.  Princess Birgitta was widowed in March 2016. She lives in Spain. In honour of her birthday, we are featuring her only personal tiara.

Made of small pearl circles separated by small diamonds, with diamonds in the centre of each pearl cluster in the center of the pearl circle, the Pearl Circle Tiara was made by Court Jewellers Carlman in Stockholm in 1961 on the order of King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden as a wedding present for his granddaughter, Princess Birgitta.

Princess Birgitta wore her grandfather’s Wedding Gift at her pre-Wedding Ball at the Royal Palace of Stockholm on May 24, 1961. She wore her Pearl Circle Tiara just a few times after her wedding, since she usually borrowed larger Tiaras from the Swedish and Hohenzollern vaults for grand events.

In 1990, Princess Birgitta’s only daughter, Princess Désirée of Hohenzollern, wore the Pearl Circle Tiara for her wedding to Hereditary Count Heinrich Franz Josef of Ortenburg. Princess Désirée is the person who is most likely to be seen wearing the Pearl Circle Tiara. It is thought that Princess Brigitta has gifted it to her. Princess Désirée has worn the Pearl Circle Tiara to the Weddings of Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Madeleine, and Prince Carl Phillip.

In 200, the Pearl Circle Tiara was worn by Uta Maria König when she married Princess Brigitta’s youngest son, Prince Hubertus of Hohenzollern in Palma de Majorca.  The couple have an adopted daughter, after a son died at just 4-days old in 2001.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 6.51.52 PM.png

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