Hohenzollern Clover Coronet

Happy Birthday to Princess Birgitta of Sweden and Hohenzollern who turns 80 today! The daughter of Prince Gustaf Adolf and Princess Sibylla of Sweden, Princess Birgitta is the sister of King Carl XVI Gustaf and the second of the four ‘Haga Princesses’. She is also the first cousin of Queen Margrethe of Denmark and Queen Anne Marie of Greece. In 1961, she married Prince Johann Georg of Hohenzollern, son of the Prince of Hohenzollern, in a civil ceremony in Sweden and a religious ceremony in her grooms native Germany. The couple had three children but separated in 1990, while continuing to attend Royal events together.  Princess Birgitta was widowed in March 2016. She lives in Spain. Since we have already featured her Pearl Circle Tiara, in honour of her birthday, we are featuring one of her Wedding Tiaras, the Hohenzollern Clover Coronet.

The Hohenzollern Clover Coronet features four diamond clovers, connected by diamond swags over a diamond base. It is a coronet because it forms a complete circle, unlike a tiara which only covers a section of the head.  The Coronet was made around 1890 and took almost a year to be finished. It has many similarities to a Clover Coronet made for Empress Augusta Victoria of Prussia in 1906. Despite coming from the same Dynastic House, the Princes of Hohenzollern have much closer relations with the Kings of Romania than the former Emperors of Prussia.

The Hohenzollern Clover Coronet was worn by Princess Margarete of Saxony after she married Frederick Prince of Hohenzollern in 1920 but was first photographed at the wedding of their daughter, Princess Maria Antonia of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, when she married Count Heinrich Maria of Waldburg-Wolfegg and Waldsee in 1942, and by her sister, Princess Maria Adelgunde of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, when she married Prince Konstantin of Bavaria in August 1942. The weddings were described as “the biggest society event during the war (WWII)”. The Tiara was also worn by Princess Margarita of Leiningen when she married Hereditary Prince Friedrich Wilhelm in 1951.

Princess Birgitta was the next person to wear the Hohenzollern Clover Coronet, which she wore at her religious Wedding to Prince Johann Georg, son of Frederick, Prince of Hohenzollern, at Sigmaringen Castle in 1961, a few days after the Civil Wedding in Stockholm. The Hohenzollern Clover Coronet was also worn Angela von Morgen, when she married Prince Ferfried, the youngest brother, in 1968.  More recently, a smaller version of the Coronet was worn by Fürstin Katharina of Hohenzollern at the Fugger-Babenhausen/Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg Wedding in Wertheim in 2017. Click HERE to see a picture (h/t to @RoyalTravel )

In 2021, Princess Flaminia of Hohenzollern wore the modified version of the Hohenzollern Clover Coronet for her Wedding to Baron Károly von Stipsicz de Ternova at Schloss Sigmaringen.

The Princes of Hohenzollern also own a magnificent Sapphire Parure, which features a Tiara from Queen Maria II of Portugal alongside an extensive Parure, composed of a Bandeau Tiara, necklace, earrings, pendants, brooch, bracelet, and ring, that comes from Stephanie de Beauharnais, Grand Duchess of Baden. The Parure was notably worn by Princess Margarete at the Wedding Ball of Princess Birgitta of Sweden and her son, Prince Johann Georg of Hohenzollern, in 1961, alongside a host of other important occasions, while Princess Birgitta wore the Tiara at the Wedding of her cousin, Queen Margrethe of Denmark, in 1967. The Bandeau was worn by Princess Birgitta at the Wedding Ball of her sisters in 1964, while Countess Alexandra Schenck von Stauffenberg wore the Bandeau to marry the current Prince in 1985. The entire Parure will be auctioned at the Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Sale in Geneva in May 2021. Learn MORE.

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