King Christian X’s Silver Jubilee, 1937

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King Christian X of Denmark celebrated his Silver Jubilee on this day in 1937, which began with a traditional Balcony Appearance with Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Ingrid, Prince Knud, Princess Caroline Mathilde, and Princess Elisabeth at Amalienborg Palace, which was followed by a Carriage Procession through Copenhagen to a Service of Thanksgiving.

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In the evening, King Christian (in the Order of the Elephant) and Queen Alexandrine (wearing her Fringe Tiara, Diamond Sautoir, Sapphire Parure, and the Order of the Elephant) were joined by Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Ingrid (in the Danish Ruby Parure), Prince Knud, and Princess Caroline Mathilde (wearing Queen Alexandrine’s Russian Sapphire Tiara), as well as a host of Foreign Royal Guests and Relatives, including King Haakon VII of Norway, King Gustaf V of Sweden, Prince Carl and Princess Ingeborg of Sweden (in her Emerald Parure),  Grand Duchess Alexandra of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (wearing her Fabergé Aquamarine and Diamond Tiara), Prince Axel of Denmark and Princess Margretha of Sweden and Denmark (in her Floral Tiara), Princess Margretha of Denmark and Bourbon-Parma (wearing the Bourbon-Parma/Lobkowicz Tiara), and Princess Thyra of Denmark (in Queen Josefina’s Diamond Tiara) as they attended a Gala Performance at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen followed by a Banquet at Christiansborg Palace.


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