Today in Royal History | November 13


The Death of Prince Franz Joseph II of Liechtenstein in 1989

The 62nd Birthday of the Duchess of Fife

[Fife Tiara | Fife Fringe Tiara | Queen Victoria’s Emerald Tiara]

The 80th Birthday of Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia

[Diamond Tiara | Diamond Chain-Link Suite]

The Birth of Queen Giovanna of Bulgaria in 1907

[Bulgarian Köchert Tiara | Pearl Tiara | Queen Marie-Amélie’s Diamond Parure | Bracelet Bandeau | The Bulgarian Royal Tiaras]


The Wedding of Princess Maud of Fife and Lord Carnegie in 1923

Royal Events OTD

Remembrance Sunday in 2022

Royal Festival of Remembrance in 2021

 The Italian State Visit to Sweden in 2018

The Constantinian Order of Saint George Gala in 2002

The Wedding Ball of Duke Friedrich of Württemberg and Princess Marie of Wied in 1993 

 Emperor Akihito’s Enthronement Garden Party in 1990

The Wedding Ball of Princess Anne in 1973

Princess Birgitta and Princess Désirée in New York City in 1960

Royal Variety Performance in 1950

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