Royal Holiday at Fort Belvedere, 1933

Prince Gustaf Adolf, Princess Sibylla, and Princess Ingrid of Sweden (later Queen of Denmark), joined the Duke (later King George VI) and Duchess of York (later Queen Elizabeth), Lord Louis Mountbatten, Thelma, Lady Furness, and The Hon Victoria Gilmour for a Holiday at Fort Belvedere, the home of the Prince of Wales, on this day in 1933, 90 year ago.

Prince Gustaf Adolf and Princess Ingrid spent their summers in Britain staying with their maternal grandfather, Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught, the father of their late mother, Crown Princess Margareta of Sweden at Clarence House. Lord Louis Mountbatten was the brother of their stepmother, Queen Louise of Sweden, and they were all pretty close to the future King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, being among the guests at their Coronation in 1937. Queen Elizabeth and Queen Ingrid were also the godmothers of their respective second daughters; Princess Margaret and Princess Benedikte.


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