Wedding of Tristram Coates and Isobel Stanley

Isobel Stanley, daughter of the Hon. Peter Stanley and the Hon Frances Roche, married Tristram Coates, son of Nicholas Coates and Virginia de Stacpoole, at Ely Cathedral on July 22nd. Isobel Stanley is a niece of the 18th Earl of Derby and a granddaughter of the late 5th Baron Fermoy, making her a second cousin of the Prince of Wales and Prince Harry.

Isobel Stanley wore the spectacular Derby Tiara, which is near identical to the Devonshire Coronet, heaving been made for a mother, the Duchess of Devonshire, and daughter, the Countess of Derby. The Tiara is usually seen on the current Countess of Derby and was on display at last year’s Sotheby’s Platinum Jubilee Exhibition. The bride wore another Tiara at the Reception.



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