Fermoy Tiara

Today marks the Anniversary of the Death of Ruth, Baroness Fermoy, the maternal grandmother of the late Diana, Princess of Wales. The wife of the 4th Baron Fermoy and a longtime Lady-in-Waiting to the Queen Mother, Lady Fermoy attended a plethora of glittering occasions, often wearing the Fermoy Tiara.

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Lady Fermoy was pictured wearing this Diamond Tiara featuring columns of diamond leaves topped with circular diamonds, which she notably wore at the Coming Out Ball for her daughter, the Hon. Frances Roche, and the Coronation of the Queen the following month. She also wore the Tiara at the Royal Caledonian Ball in 1959.

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The following year, her eldest daughter, Hon. Cynthia Roche wore the Fermoy Tiara to marry Sir Anthony Berry, as did the Hon. Frances Roche for her wedding to Viscount Althrop, the heir to the Spencer Earldom and they became the parents of Diana, Princess of Wales. The Tiara hasn’t been publicly pictured on any of the subsequent Lady Fermoys’ or their daughters and daughters-in-law, but it probably still belongs to the family, who reside at Nethercote House.


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