King Harald and Queen Sonja in Denmark

King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway are being hosted by Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and the Danish Royal Family on an Official Visit to Denmark on June 15th and 16th. The visit marks the historical ties and the close neighbourly relationship between Denmark and Norway and between the two Royal Families, in addition to the King and Queen heading a Norwegian Business Delegation focusing on areas of Danish-Norwegian cooperation within, among other things, green solutions.

Queen Margrethe (wearing her Daisy Brooch) welcomed King Harald and Queen Sonja at the Nordre Toldbod, where they alighted from the Royal Yacht Norge, before driving to Amalienborg Palace, escorted by the Guardhussar Regiment’s Horse Squadron. 

King Harald tripped on arrival, joking to Queen Margrethe:

“I come, with my nose in the sand in admiration for you”

To which the Queen replied:

“Don’t expect the same from me”

That afternoon, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark joined King Harald and Queen Sonja for the opening of a business conference on Danish Industry, at which the King and the Crown Prince gave speeches, following which they attended the panel debate “Cooperation on green industrial development and a sustainable future”.

In the evening, Queen Margrethe hosted a Gala Dinner in honour of King Harald and Queen Sonja at Christian VII’s Palace in Amalienborg, where both the King and Queen Margrethe gave speeches. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary were also present and after the Dinner joined King Harald and Queen Sonja to set sail on the Norwegian Royal Yacht Norge and the Danish Royal Yacht Dannebrog for Aarhus.

Queen Margrethe wore the Pearl Poiré Tiara and the Danish Crown Pearl and Ruby Parure with the Order of St. Olav. 

King Harald wore the Order of the Elephant while Queen Sonja wore the Norwegian Emerald Parure and the Order of the Elephant.

Crown Prince Frederik wore the Order of St. Olav, and Crown Princess Mary wore her Diamond Necklace Tiara with the Order of St. Olav.

Norwegian Royal Visits to Denmark


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  1. The two Queens looked fabulous in their best jewels and billowing gowns at the gala dinner.
    I didn’t like Mary’s dress.

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