Ball at Hutchinson House, 1953

Queen Elizabeth II (wearing a Norman Hartnell Gown and the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara) and Princess Margaret (wearing her Cartier Rose Brooch) attended the Coming Out Ball of Elizabeth Ward, hosted by the Hon Lady Ward and Mrs John Ward, at Hutchinson House off Oxford Street on this day in 1953, leaving the Ball of the season’s leading Debutante past 2 am just days before the Queen’s Coronation.  

Other guests included the Countess of Bradford (wearing the Bradford Tiara as a Necklace) and the future Raine, Countess Spencer, then the Hon. Mrs Gerald Legge (wearing a Diamond Tiara). Elizabeth Ward was the daughter of Colonel, the Commander of the Household Cavalry and Silver Stick in Waiting, and Mrs John Ward and the granddaughter of Sir John and Lady Ward, an American Heiress.


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