Today in Royal History | May 11


The 65th Birthday of the Duchess of Northumberland

[The Duchess of Northumberland’s Tiaras]

The 72nd Birthday of Princess Basma bint Talal of Joran

[Queen Zein’s Diamond Tiara | Princess Muna’s Diamond Scroll Tiara]

The 81st Birthday of Princess Irene of Greece

[Greek Pearl and Diamond Necklace Tiara | Queen Sophie’s Diamond Circle Tiara | Princess Irene’s Pendant | Diamond Circle Necklace]


The Wedding of Prince Carlos, Duke of Calabria and Princess Anne d’Orléans in 1965

Royal Events OTD

The Luxembourg State Visit to Portugal in 2022

Garden Party at Buckingham Palace in 2022

Fürstenberg Tiara on Auction

State Opening of Parliament in 2021

Sotheby’s Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels | 11 May 2021

The Duchess of Cambridge in Luxembourg in 2017

Crown Prince Frederik’s Pre-Wedding Dinner in 2004

Princess Märtha Louise’s Confirmation in 1986

The Royal Dinner at the Hotel Grande Bretagne in Athens in 1962

Concert at Royal Albert Hall in 1934

The British State Visit to Italy in 1923

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