Wedding of Infanta Margarita of Spain, 1972

The Wedding of Infanta Margarita of Spain,  younger daughter of the Count of Barcelona and Princess María de las Mercedes of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, and Dr. Carlos Zurita y Delgado at the Church of Santo Antonio in Estoril, Portugal not his day in 1972. The couple have two children and remain happy married, becoming the Duchess and Duke of Hernani and later Soria, founding the Fundación Cultural Duques de Soria.

In addition to the extended Spanish Royal Family and members of the Spanish Aristocracy, Royal Guests and Relatives in attendance included King Umberto II of Italy, Queen Giovanna of Bulgaria, the Countess of Paris, the Duke of Braganza, and the Portuguese President.

From NYT:

ESTORIL, Portugal, Oct. 12 —The wedding of the Infanta Margarita de Borbón, 33– year‐old daughter of Don Juan de Borbón pretender to the Spanish throne, and granddaughter of the late King Alfonso XIII of Spain, to Dr. Carlos Zurita y Delgado, a 29‐year‐old Madrid heart specialist, took place today in this seaside resort near Lisbon.

The Princess met her husband during her frequent visits to Madrid, where her elder sister, Dona Maria del Pilar, and her brother, Prince Juan Carlos, the designated heir to the Spanish throne, live.

The ceremony was held in the 16th‐century Church of Santo Antonio, where 300 guests had gathered. It is near the Borbón family resi dence, Villa Giralda. The Rev. Jose Sebastián Bandarán, chaplain to the Spanish royal family, officiated.

Among the royal guests were former King Umberto of Italy, former Queen Joanna of Bulgaria, the Countess of Paris and the Portuguese pretender. Dom Duarte Nuno of Braganza. Portuguese President Américo Thomaz was also present.

The bride entered the church on the arm of her father and was ushered by the Duke of Albuquerque, the Duke of Granada and Col. José de Lacour. The bridegroom was accompanied by his mother, Doña Carmen Delgado y Fernández de San tarelle. Prince Juan Carlos was a witness for his sister, and Dr. Carlos Zurila y Gon zález Vidaite, the bride groom’s father, was among the witnesses for his son.

Princess Margarita was born in Rome in 1939, one of four children of Don Juan and his wife, Princess Maria Mercedes. She has been blind since birth. She came with the family to Portugal in 1946.

The bride speaks nine languages fluently and is an excellent pianist. She took a nursing course in Madrid and won a diploma. She has a lively interest in amateur theatricals, and is popular in the younger set of foreign royalty who live here.

Her wedding gown, made by the Madrid dressmaker Linda Babeska, was full length with long sleeves and a high neck. She also wore a long white veil.

The honeymoon will be spent partly in Houston, where Dr. Zurila will take a heart study course at the Texas Medical Center, and partly in South American countries.


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  1. Oh! I didn’t know that the Infanta and her husband spent some of their time here in Houston. That is such very cool news to me! I wish for Infanta Margarita and her husband Dr. Zurita the happiest of anniversaries and the best wishes for continued health and happiness!

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