Countess Alice Trolle-Wachtmeister’s Tiara

Today marks the 5th Anniversary of the Death of Countess Alice Trolle-Wachtmeister, who passed away on this day in 2017! The accomplished aristocrat who was the Chief Court Mistress, the highest ranking non-royal woman in Sweden, Countess Alice attended countless Galas, always wearing this striking Diamond Floral Tiara nestled in her bouffant!

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Likely a family heirloom, this antique diamond tiara features three 16-petaled diamond flowers nestled in diamond leaves, and began to be prominently photographed from 1978, when became a Statsfru at the Swedish Royal Court, only becoming the Hovmästarinna, Chief Court Mistress, in 1994, when as the highest ranking non-royal woman in Sweden, she had a much more prominent role.

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In addition to numerous State Banquets and Gala Dinners in Sweden and abroad, Countess Alice was seen wearing the Tiara at the annual Nobel Prize Ceremony, alternating various brooches as pendants on her necklace. Later appearences included the Wedding of Crown Princess Victoria in 2010, the Wedding of Princess Madeline in 2013, and the Wedding of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden in 2015, which came just a few months before Countess Alice’s retirement, two years before her death. While the current Hovmästarinna, Baroness Kirstine von Blixen-Finecke, is a nice-in-law of Countess Alice, the family seat of Trolle-Ljungby Castle will be inherited by another nephew, who will no doubt inherit the Tiara as well, so lets hope for a reappearance!


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