Palæerne Danser at Amalienborg Palace

Queen Anne-Marie of Greece and Princess Benedikte of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg joined Queen Margrethe II of Denmark (wearing her Diamond Daisy Brooch and Antique Diamond Earrings) to award Queen Ingrid’s Honorary Scholarship on March 27th for the tenth and final time, in a ‘Palæerne Danser’ Performance at Amalienborg Palace. Queen Margrethe presented Queen Ingrid’s Honorary Scholarship to ballet dancer Emma Riis-Kofoed, who during the party performance performed the song “Dancing on my own”, and Swedish violinist Johan Dalene. Every other year since 2005, the honorary scholarship has been awarded to younger artists in dance and music.

Their mother, Queen Ingrid, had a special desire to let the knights’ halls of the four Palaces at Amalienborg to form the setting for their respective concerts, with a premiere of four ballet pieces, where former recipients of the Queen Ingrid’s Honorary Scholarship dance, sing and play music in the historic halls. Every other year since 2005, the honorary scholarship has been awarded to younger artists in dance and music. The ballet pieces were choreographed by soloist and choreographer Tobias Praetorius, who is a former recipient of the Queen Ingrid’s Honorary Scholarship, and the music is arranged by pianist and composer Alexander McKenzie.


4 thoughts on “Palæerne Danser at Amalienborg Palace

    1. I have the same question, especially since I think this would be the ninth award if 2005 was the first. But why only ten awards? It’s a scholarship, so maybe the money has run out?

  1. the queen has 2 sisters…one lives in greece with a elderly husband and the other is a widow….so all 3 being in Denmark at the same time is tricky….the ballet will still be supported by the queen and in the future our king

    1. So what they mean is that the award will be given by the sisters for the last time this year, not that the award will be rescinded, is that correct? I thought maybe the endowment had run out and that’s why it would stop. It does make sense for Crown Prince Frederick to take over. Most excellent!

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