Wedding Ball of the Margrave of Baden and Archduchess Valerie of Austria, 1966

The Wedding Ball of Maximilian, Margrave of Baden, the eldest son of Berthold, Margrave of Baden and Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark, and Archduchess Valerie of Austria, the ninth of the thirteen children of Archduke Hubert Salvator of Austria and Princess Rosemary of Salm-Salm (wearing the Baden Sunburst Tiara and the Baden Ruby Parure), at Schloss Persenbeug, the bride’s family home, in Austria on this day 1966, following a Civil Ceremony and Ball at Schloss Salem and on the eve of their Religious Wedding.

Royal Guests and Relatives pictured included Archduchess Rosemary (wearing Empress Marie-Louise’s Topaz Parure), Princess Sara Gizaw of Ethiopia, Duchess of Harar, Queen Frederica (wearing Queen Sophie’s Diamond Tiara and the Greek Pearl and Diamond Necklace) and Princess Irene of Greece (in Queen Sophie’s Diamond Circle Tiara), the Duchess of Brunswick (wearing the Brunswick Tiara), Princess Sofia of Spain (in the Prussian Diamond Tiara and the Niarchos Ruby Parure), and Princess Margarita of Hohenzollern (wearing the Hohenzollern Sapphire Parure).

Royalty and Nobility from around Europe gathered at Schloss Salem and Schloss Persenbeug for the spectacular Balls and it is likely that Tsar Simeon and Queen Margarita of Bulgaria (wearing the Bulgarian Floral Tiara) and the Prince and Princess of Hannover (wearing the Hannover Diamond Necklace Tiara) were pictured at one of the Balls. Other guests likely included the Duke of Edinburgh, the uncle of the groom, and it is also possible that some of the pictures of the Wedding Ball of Prince Karl of Hesse (the first cousin of the groom) and Countess Yvonne Szapary von Muraszombath Széchysziget und Szapár earlier in 1966 could also be from the two Baden Wedding Balls.


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