Royal Holiday at Fredensborg Palace, 1891

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The extended Danish Royal Family pose for a family photograph in the Cupola Room of Fredensborg Palace in Denmark on this day in 1891, during their extended annual Holiday when the Russian, Greek, British, and Hanoverian Sovereign children and in-laws of King Christian IX and Queen Louise descended on Denmark.

From left to right, standing: Marie, Princess Waldemar of Denmark; Prince George of Greece; Tsarevtich Nicholas of Russia; Queen Olga of the Hellenes; Tsar Alexander II of Russia; Alexandra, Princess of Wales; Prince Nicholas of Greece; Princess Louise of Denmark; Prince William of Glucksborg; Crown Princess Louise of Denmark; Grand Duchess Xenia of Russia; Princess Victoria of Wales; Grand Duke Michael of Russia.

Seated: Empress Marie Feodorovna of Russia, Prince Christopher of Greece; Prince Harald of Denmark, King Christian IX and Queen Louise of Denmark; Princess Thyra of Denmark; Grand Duchess Olga of Russia; Princes Ingeborg of Denmark; Princess Marie of Greece; King George I of the Hellenes; Prince John of Glucksborg.


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