Princess Victoria of the United Kingdom

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Today marks the Anniversary of the Birth of Princess Victoria of the United Kingdom, who was born on this day in 1868. The second daughter and fourth child of the then Prince of Wales and Princess Alexandra of Denmark, she was born during the reign of her namesake grandmother, Queen Victoria, and spent her childhood between Marlborough House in London and Sandringham in Norfolk. Although she had a number of suitors, Princess Victoria never married and had no children. Actively discouraged by her mother from marrying, she lived with Queen Alexandra until her death in 1925, when she set up her own home at Coppins in Buckinghamshire, which she left to her nephew, the Duke of Kent. Princess Victoria took a particular interest in the village life, becoming honorary president of the Iver Horticultural Society, and was close to her brother, King George V, who died a few weeks after her own death in 1935, at the age of 67.




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  1. I have always felt a bit sorry for Princess Victoria. She was actually an attractive woman and yet she was unable to marry because “mommy dear” wanted a companion in her old age. Her two sisters managed to escape, but I guess Princess Victoria very shy and wasn’t strong enough to oppose her mother’s wishes.

  2. I wonder about her sexuality. We mostly question men’s sexuality based on their interest/life decisions but not usually women. She probably did not want to marry. Either because she was closeted or just a shy girl who liked staying at home. She seemed to be happy in the family gathering videos in Denmark

    1. I appreciate what you are saying. Being a Southern woman from the USA, there is a lot of this kind of thing here. Before Medicare, families needed children who would take care of elderly parents. Lots of families had Tha bachelor uncles or aunts who lived at home and cared for Mother and Dad. Can’t imagine a King or Queen who would need for this kind of care, but I can see Queen Alexandra needing someone in her corner.

  3. Also I’d like to know which tiara she’s wearing. Which tiaras she inherited and whom she left them to 🙂

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