Queen Máxima’s Diamond Swirl Brooches

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands is celebrating her 50th Birthday next week, so in our typical fashion, we are featuring her Top 5 Jewels in the days leading up to her Birthday! While Queen Máxima has worn much of the massive jewellery collection of the House of Orange, we are focusing on many of the splendid modern jewels that Queen Máxima has acquired during the past 20 years as a member of the Dutch Royal Family, continuing with Queen Máxima’s Diamond Swirl Brooches!

Queen Máxima’s Tutti Frutti Necklace | Garnet Tassel EarringsTanzanite Suite

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Featuring ornate modern diamond swirls in a bow design, these two brooches have been in Queen Máxima’s jewellery box since at least 2006, and have been worn for both daytime and evening events, both as a pair and also separately. The provenance of the pieces is unknown, but they were probably acquired by the then Crown Prince Willem-Alexander or even the then Crown Princess Máxima herself.

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In recent years, Queen Máxima has frequently suspended the pendant from Queen Juliana’s Aquamarine Suite to one of the Diamond Swirl Brooches, and has also sometimes worn a pendant from her modern pink Topaz/Tanzanite suite, echoing the design and versatility of more antique bow brooches in the Dutch Royal Collection. Queen Máxima also wore the Brooch with a Tanzanite Pendant (likely one of her pairs of earrings) for the Dutch State Banquet at the Royal Palace of Oslo.

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Queen Máxima has also frequently worn her Diamond Swirl Brooches in her hair for many evening events, including a State Banquet in South Korea, a Concert in Portugal, and the annual Bevrijdingsconcert, where they make a great pairing with historic royal heirlooms as well as some other modern pieces Queen Máxima has acquired, including her diamond fringe earrings and a diamond riviere.

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Queen Máxima continues to wear her Diamond Swirl Brooches quite often in recent years, including an appearance at Prinsjesdag in 2018. More recently, she also loaned the brooch with Queen Juliana’s Aquamarine Pendant to Princess Laurentien for Prinsjesdag in 2020. These is no doubt we will continue to see these versatile jewels worn for years to come.


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