Princess Anne’s Ruby Suite

The Princess Royal celebrates her 70th Birthday next week! The only daughter of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, who has been a working member of the Royal Family for over 50 Years, Princess Anne possesses an impressive collection of jewels, and to mark the occasion, we are featuring her Top 7 Jewels, continuing with with her Ruby Suite

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Featuring a cluster of rubies suspended from a frame of gold and diamonds, with coordinating earrings, Princess Anne’s Ruby Suite does not have a known provenance, but is suspected to be a gift from King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, as it was first worn for the Saudi Return Banquet at Claridges Hotel in 1988.

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Two years later, Princess Anne wore her Saudi Ruby Suite for the ‘Dance of the Decades’ at Buckingham Palace, a Ball to mark a year of landmark Royal Birthdays, including her 40th.

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One of the more recent appearences of the Ruby Suite was in 2004, when the Princess Royal wore it at the “Festival Of Trees” Gala Dinner at the Natural History Museum, which raised funds for Save The Children. It has not been seen for years, but lets hope it makes an appearance soon.


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