Queen Máxima’s Ruby Flower Earrings

Happy Birthday to Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, who turns 49 today. Having access to the magnificent Dutch Royal Jewellery collection, Queen Máxima was worn a variety of heirloom jewels, but she has also been compiling a notable personal jewellery collection, like today’s pieces, her versatile Ruby Flower Earrings.

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Each consisting three diamond floral clusters featuring a ruby surrounded by 55 modern-cut diamonds, the Ruby Flower Earrings can be worn in varying lengths, and were probably acquired by Queen Máxima around the time of King Willem-Alexander’s Accession in 2013, first appearing on their firs trip to the Dutch Antilles as King and Queen.

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Queen Máxima has worn her Ruby Flower Earrings for both daytime and evening events, most notably for King Willem-Alexander 50th Birthday, and has also worn just one or two of the clusters for some events, like when she paired a shorter version of the earrings with the Ruby Peacock Tiara for a State Banquet in Poland after wearing the longer version earlier that day.

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The Ruby Flower Earrings have been frequently worn over the past few years and there is no doubt Queen Máxima will continue to wear them for years to come, probably even lend them out to her three daughters in the coming years.


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