Wedding of King Leka of Albania, 1975

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty ImagesEmbed from Getty Images

The Wedding of the exiled King Leka of Albania, only son of King Zog and Queen Geraldine of Albania, to Australian Susan Cullen-Ward at the Hôtel de Ville in Biarritz on this day in 1975, followed by a Reception at the Toledo Roadhouse. The couple had one son, Crown Prince Leka, before returning to Albania in 1993, and remained married until Queen Susan’s death in 2004.

Embed from Getty Images

Queen Geraldine (wearing the Sapphire Goat Tiara) let other Royal Guests including chatting with Queen Margarita of Bulgaria, Queen Farida and Princess Fawzia of Egypt, and the Duke and Duchess of Anjou and Cadiz.7

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