The Royal Family – Horse Racing and more…

There is nothing denying the fact that the Royal Family is extremely well-known and loved not just in Britain but all over the world. However, there are certain things they simply cannot be related to, gambling for instance, which doesn’t sit very well with the image of Monarchy or its rich heritage.

Having said that, everyone knows about the Royal Family’s long-standing relationship with horseracing. Not recognising the diverse range of personalities that have existed and even currently exist in the Royal Family would be doing a great disservice to gambling. In fact, online gambling is all the rage today and has its own perks that make it a very attractive option if someone wishes to play away from the public eyes!

In this article, we will briefly look over the relationship between Royalty and gambling in the new age.

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Horse Racing

Widely recognised as the sport of kings in the UK, horseracing generates close to £ 5 billion per year through wagers in the country. Although this figure is less compared to a decade ago, betting on horse races continues to be one of the most popular sports betting option in the UK.

Although we aren’t sure if anyone from the Royal Family bets on the horses, we do know for a fact that Queen owns a good number of high performance and exceptional riders in her stables. These horses have made her close to £ 7 million in prize money over the last three decades, and they continue to bring in more money.

Prince Harry’s trip to the Sin City

Prince Harry first visited Las Vegas in the year 2011 while he was in the United States for military training. He somehow managed to take some time out of his hectic schedule and visited the Tryst Nightclub one Saturday night. There, the prince spent couple of hours partying, drinking and indulging in some gambling at a VIP table. Quite amazingly, he went unnoticed while being there and looked like any other reveller who wanted to have some fun and excitement.

Arriving close to midnight hours, Prince Harry danced and had a good time with his friends while placing an occasional bet, and mingling with his security staff. He came across as someone who was very fun loving and was completely in his elements. It’s hard to think about any other Royal who could be picturized that way in a brick-and-mortar casino.

With the clock ticking, and the Prince was finally tucked away at a corner table as he started garnering little more attention and eventually retired to his hotel room close to 3 AM.

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Final Word

Although Royals cannot be talked about for their love of blackjack, slots of poker per se, there has always been some sort of connection between them and gambling. Regardless of whether we talk about Queen’s affinity for horses or the public’s interest in betting on the royal weddings, it is a given that monarchy and gambling have a much deeper connection than what meets the eye!

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