Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Northern Ireland

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visiting Belfast, Fermanagh and Ballymena on a two day visit to Northern Ireland, from February 27-28, where they are celebrating young people. Due to security issues, royal visits to Northern Ireland are only announced on the day, and the last one took place in 2016.

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The Duke and Duchess started the first day with a visit to Windsor Park football stadium, home of the Irish Football Association (IFA), taking part in the ‘Shooting Stars’ programme and meeting participants in the Ahead of the Game MentalHealth programme. In Fermanagh, the Duke and Duchess saw the incredible work that the charity Extern is doing at their Roscor Youth Village. The site provides a safe space to help and support young people, with particular emphasis on outdoor activities and developing independent living skills. They joined he young people for a variety of activities.

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In the evening, the Duke and Duchess attended a party celebrating young people who are making a real difference in Northern Ireland at the iconic Empire Music Hall in Belfast, meeting representatives from Northern Ireland’s business, arts and sport sectors, including Dame Mary Peters who was today appointed Lady Companion of the Most Noble of the Garter by the Queen.


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  1. The Duchess was wearing a lovely green dress for the evening affair. The red outfit she wore in the morning was a bit less successful for me because of the booties she was wearing. Congratulations to Dame Mary Peters! It will be a super cool Garter Day this year because there will be two initiations and not just a procession. I do hope that the Duke and Duchess’ support of the Roscor Youth Village will result in more funding by sponsors!

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