Spanish Constitution 40th Anniversary

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This week, the Spanish Royal Family is marking the 40th Anniversary of the Spanish Constitution with a series of events, and on December 6th, King Felipe and Queen Letizia (wearing Queen Sofia’s Ruby Dove Earrings) were joined by King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofia (in Queen Frederica’s Ruby Pendant), the Princess of Asturias, and Infanta Sofia for the solemn commemorative act to mark the Anniversary at the Congress of Deputies in Madrid. King Juan Carlos was instrumental in restoring democracy to Spain after the fascist dictatorship of General Franco.


One thought on “Spanish Constitution 40th Anniversary

  1. Spain does owe a debt of gratitude to King Juan Carlos I, in spite of his human foibles. He could have certainly kept the status quo when he assumed power, but he chose differently. He did the right thing for his country and that’s how he should be remembered. On a more frivolous note, I noticed that Queen Sofia is wearing the beautiful Queen Frederika pendant with her luscious pearls. Divine! I’ve noticed that she tends to wear it whenever there is an important occasion. Queen Letizia was very elegant in red, her signature color, and she was very affectionate with Queen Sofia, which is very nice to see. And of course, King Felipe VI was as handsome as he always is! 🙂

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