Princess Märtha Louise’s Diamond Chandelier Earrings

Happy Birthday to Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, who turns 47 today! As the only daughter of King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway, and the only Princess of the Blood of her generation, Princess Märtha Louise has developed quite a nice jewellery collection, including King Olav’s Gift Tiara and her Moonstone and Diamond Demi-Parure, along with these Diamond Chandelier Earrings.

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Featuring modern diamond drops suspended from a diamond floral cluster, itself suspended from a large diamond cluster, these Diamond Chandelier Earrings have been worn by Princess Märtha Louise since the mid-2000s, most notably worn for King Harald 70th Birthday in 2007, though the earrings have also been worn at daytime and black tie events.

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In recent years, Princess Märtha Louise has frequently paired her Diamond Chandelier Earrings with King Olav’s Gift Tiara, like at Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume’s Pre-Wedding Gala and King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 70th Birthday Banquet in 2016, which was the last occasion when the earrings were publicly worn. Lets hope we get to see them before too long.


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