Wedding of Lady Sarah Chatto

Happy Anniversary to Daniel and Lady Sarah Chatto, who got married in London on this day in 1994! The bride, daughter of Princess Margaret and a niece of Queen Elizabeth II, met her groom when they were both working on a movie together. The couple have two sons, and pursue careers as painters. They do not undertake official duties, but are present for most family events. Take a look at scenes from their wedding below-

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The Wedding Ceremony took place at St. Stephen’s Walbrook Church in London. Lady Sarah (wearing the Snowdon Floral Tiara) arrived with her father, Lord Snowdon, and three bridesmaids: her half sister Lady Frances Armstrong-Jones, her first cousin once removed Zara Philips and her friend Tara Noble Singh. Among the guests were the entire British Royal Family, including the Queen, Queen Mother, and the Prince and Princess of Wales. The simplicity of the 30-minute service caught everyone by surprise, even the driver was not in his place when the couple exited the church, causing them to stand outside for a few minutes. The reception was held at Clarence House.

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  1. Ah! Lady Sarah Chatto! Her wedding dress is one of the loveliest wedding dresses ever! It’s so simple yet so classic and elegant! Even though she married 23 years ago, she could use that dress today and be totally beautiful all over again. She and her husband appear to be very well suited to each other. I think it’s lovely that both she and her brother the Earl of Snowdon seem to have achieved very loving and stable family lives in spite of having had such a pair of volatile and exuberant parents. I wish David and Lady Sarah many more years of happiness!

  2. I could not agree more with Bluesapphire70 about the elegance of Lady Sarah’s wedding dress. I was amazed to read on Wikipedia that the wedding gown was designed by Jasper Conran.

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