King Harald and Queen Sonja’s 80th Birthday Lunch

Celebrations for King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway’s 80th Birthday continued on May 10th, with a lunch and mini-cruise on the Royal Yacht Norge around Oslofjord. Members of Foreign Royal Families were present.  Click HERE to the celebrations for his 21st Birthday, HERE to the celebrations for his 40th Birthday, HERE for the King and Queen’s combined 60th Birthday celebrations, and HERE for his 70th Birthday celebrations. Click HERE to take a look at the guest list. The King and Queen hosted a Banquet the previous evening at the Royal palace, click HERE to see that.

King Harald and Queen Sonja hosted a lunch and mini-cruise on the Royal Yacht Norge as part of their 80th Birthday celebrations. Members of the Swedish, Danish, Belgian, Dutch, Greek, British, Luxembourgish, Monegasque, and Spanish Royal Families were present. The Presidents and First Ladies of Finland and Iceland were also present.

King Harald wore a grey suit with a red tie and navy coat. Queen Sonja wore navy trousers with a navy coat and a red hat.

Crown Prince Haakon wore a navy double-breasted jacket with grey trousers. Crown Princess Mette-Marit wore dark pants with a white top and dark coat.

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden wore a grey suit with a blue tie. Queen Silvia wore a navy pant suit with a brown. Crown Princess Victoria wore white with a pink coat. Prince Daniel wore a navy double-breasted jacket with khaki trousers. Prince Carl-Phillip wore a navy suit with a blue tie. Princess Sofia wore grey trousers and cape top.

King Philippe of Belgium wore a dark suit with a patterned tie and dark camel coat. Queen Mathilde wore silver trousers with a pink jacket, pink and white scarf, and cream coat thrown over her shoulders.

King Willem-Alexander wore a a blue jacket over khakis. Queen Máxima wore navy culottes, a read top, and a Zara jacket with statement jewelry. Princess Beatrix wore a floral pant suit with a big wrap. Princess Mabel wore a bird motif black jumpsuit.

Crown Prince Pavlos wore a navy jacket and trousers. Crown Princess Marie Chantal wore white trousers with a striped top and navy jacket. Prince Nikolaos wore a navy suit with a dark tie. Princess Tatiana wore dark pants with white jacket.


The Countess of Wessex wore navy trousers with a red jacket and multi-coloured scarf. Prince Albert of Monaco wore dark jacket with a striped tie. Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg wore a tweed jacket. Grand Duchess Maria Theresa wore a grey coat and grey scarf. Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume wore a burgundy trousers with a khaki coat and red tie. Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie wore a pink jacket and lace scarf.

Lady Elizabeth Shakerly (nee Anson) with Countess Madeleine Kogevinas and Desirée Kogevinas.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 8.17.40 AM.png



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