King Harald’s 40th Birthday

King Harald and Queen Sonja will be celebrating their 80th Birthday’s in a grand celebration next week in Oslo. Click HERE to read about the events and the guest list. In honour of the occasion, we are flashing back to King Harald’s previous birthday celebrations. Click HERE to the celebrations for his 21st Birthday.


Scanpix via Marianne / GREMB

For then Crown Prince Harald’s 40th Birthday in February 1977, his father, King Olav hosted a party at the Royal Palace of Oslo. Afterwards, the guests posed in the famous Bird’s Room (Fugleværelset) of the Royal Palace. From L-R:

Seated: Countess Ruth of Rosenborg (wearing a red gown with pearls and a gold brooch), Princess Ragnhild of Norway(wearing a green and sequin gown with a diamond riviere and diamond earrings), then Crown Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands(wearing a navy gown with sapphire jewels), Queen Fabiola of Belgium(wearing a lilac gown with her aquamarine necklace and earrings), then Crown Princess Sonja of Norway (wearing a pale purple gown with the necklace and earrings from the Norwegian Emerald Parure), Queen Silvia of Sweden (wearing a cream gown with pearls), Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte of Luxembourg (wearing a red gown with aquamarine earrings), Princess Astrid of Norway(wearing a yellow gown with diamonds), and Lady Elizabeth Anson (wearing a pink gown with emerald earrings and a large aquamarine brooch).

Standing: Count Flemming of Rosenborg, Count Charles-Albert Ullens de Schooten-Whetnall, Countess Madeleine Kogevinas (wearing a blue gown with sapphires), Prince Claus of the Netherlands, Princess Kristine Bernadotte (wearing a black gown with pearl earrings), King Baudouin, Prince Carl Bernadotte, King Olaf V of Norway, Princess Christina of Sweden (wearing a blue gown with modern jewels), Crown Prince Harald, Tord Magnusson. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg, Johan Martin Ferner, and Sir Geoffrey Shakerly.

Click HERE to see the image in HD.

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