Luxembourg National Day Gala 2016

The Luxembourg National Day Gala is the grandest annual event of the small country. Members of the government, the bureau of the Chamber of Deputies, the Council of State, representatives of the judiciary, heads of the administration and foreign ambassadors are invited to the event. This year brought three new-to-them tiaras and lovely evening gowns all around. To check out our post on the day events of National Day, click HERE.

Grand Duchess Maria Theresa repeated the blue gown worn to the wedding of Crown Princess Victoria in 2010. She also wore the Belgian Scroll Tiara . Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephenie wore a cream Paule Ka gown with her Butterfly Tiara. Princess Tessy wore a teal Marcin Lobacz gown with the Diamond Vines Leaves Tiara and earrings from the Luxembourg Aquamarine parure.  Princess Claire wore a peach lace gown with the Grand Duchess Adelaide Tiara. Princess Alexandra wore a strapless light blue gown for her debut appearance of the  Chaumet Diamond Choker Tiara. The men wore white tie with orders, while unusually, the ladies left theirs off for the evening.

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