Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Bhutan- Day 2

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had a very busy day in Bhutan today. They went on a 6-hour hike to the Tiger nest Monastery, and attended a reception for Bhutanese residents with links to Britain.

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TRH started their day with a trek to Tiger’s Nest monastery in Paro Taktsang, hiking for three hours with just two stops, before reaching the monastery, at 8 500 ft. The couple stopped at the half way point, to pose for the photographers and to chat with monks. The Duke and Duchess, guided by the monk, span a series of prayer wheels, which in Buddhism helps to absolve sin. The couple then advanced on the second half of the journey without the photographers, which has caused a row between the Palace and the Press. The Duchess , who is very fit, looked fresh during most of the hike, barely breaking into a sweat, while the Duke said “It was quite tough on the way up. This is absolutely stunning”. The Duchess however, said “It’s a great way to burn off the curry.” TRH were joined by some members of their staff. On they way back down, TRH met with a couple of American hikers, who said: “They were absolutely charming, very cool, very nice. They kept on saying how beautiful it was.” the couple also went to the little market, where the Duke bought a little bronze tiger, while the Duchess bought a pair of earrings. TRH gave a little interview to the media, while they were being photographed. They said: “It was amazing. Beautiful scenery as you saw. With the mountains like this and the temples at the top, it was just stunning to walk up there and see all the scenery and to listen to some of the history and religion of the country. It’s really important when you come on a trip like this to see some of that.” They also added: “It will be lovely if the children could come as well definitely. Maybe when they’re a bit more mobile, I think.” The Duchess said she was missing George and Charlotte “massively”, adding “we’re looking forward to seeing them. They’re in good hands.”

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In the evening, TRH attended a reception, which celebrated Britain’s relationship with Bhutan. The Duke and Duchess met Britons living in Bhutan. There were also a number of Bhutanese citizens, who have links to the U.K. Prince William described their landing in Bhutan as “terrifying”, to helicopter pilot Nic Suddards. The Duchess spoke to Pico Smith and his wife, from Northern Ireland, who said later:  “She was really interested in hearing about what it was like to raise a family here.” TRH also met Carolyn Ishering, living in Bhutan since 1966, who said:  “It was a great honour to meet them, very exciting. She is everything that I thought she was…so elegant, warm and friendly. I told him (The Duke) that I had a connection because my sister had actually been second chef to Princess Margaret in Kensington Palace for a number of years and I was retelling a story about how the lifts got stuck in the palace when I went up to her flat. He said “yes, it does get stuck.”

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For the hike, the Duchess was wearing a white shirt, dark pants, leather waistcoat, and boots. The Duke was wearing a button up shirt, with chinos and walking boots. In the evening, the Duchess was wearing a red, poppy motif gown by Beulah London. She also wore her Cassandra Goad chandelier earrings. The Duke wore a blue suit with blue tie.

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Tomorrow is the last day of the Royal tour to India and Bhutan. TRH will be traveling back to India, to Agra, where they will visit the Taj Mahal. It is the most anticipated day of the visit, because of an iconic photo of the late Princess Diana in front of the Taj. Personally, I can’t wait to see how the Media will react after today’s argument.


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