Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Bhutan- Day 1

Day 5 of the Royal Tour of India and Bhutan was focused on the tiny kingdom of Bhutan. Most of the population came out to celebrate the visit of the Duke and Duchess to their remote country.

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The day started in Assam, where TRH boarded a flight to Bhutan. After arrival, they learned that a rhino had been poached at Kaziranga National Park where they spent Day 4, the Palace released a press statement. The Royal flight landed in Paro, Bhutan, where only 8 pilots are qualified to land on the difficult terrain. They were greeted at the airport by Princess Chhimi Yangzom, the Kings sister and her husband, before being led on a scenic drive to the Capital of Bhutan. 

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In the afternoon, TRH went to the Tashichho Dzong, where they met King Jigme and Queen Jetsun Pema of Bhutan. Both Royal couples posed for photographs,in front of an enormous appliqué image called a thongdrel, before making their way to the Tashichho Dzong Fortress. TRH visited a Buddhist temple inside the Tashichho Dzong, where they lighted butter candles, observed by the monks, a ritual for devout Buddhists, which signifies the dispelling of darkness. The Parade started the celebrations for the Chipdrel, or official welcome in Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan. TRH were preceded by dancers and musicians in colourful traditional dress in the procession.

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The Duke and Duchess participated in archery and dart competitions, which are national sports in Bhutan. While trying archery, the Duchess barely missed the Royal Press enclosure, while the Duke shot arrows towards a road, missing the target completely. Of the two dart throws by the Duchess, the first barely hit a group of women, while the second went away from the target.  While the Duke was participating in the dart contest, local women were chatting obscenities, which were translated as “You’re bald. You’re a baldy. Your nose is really big. We hope your private parts are as big.” The Duchess was shocked, but recovered with a laugh while having tea in a pavilion, where TRH were observing the celebrations.

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In the evening, TRH were photographed while leaving their hotel. The Duke and Duchess had a private dinner with the King and Queen. The dinner is an informal event, a chance for TRH and King Jigme & Queen Jetsun Pema to get better acquainted with each other. The Duke and Duchess might might have also met the Bhutanese Crown Prince, who is still unnamed at 2 months old.

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The Duchess wore a traditional skirt be Bhutanese designer Kelzan Wangmo, with a Paul and Joe cape. She also wore new topaz earrings by Kiki McDonough. The Duke wore a blue suit and red tie. The Duchess wore a gown by Tory Burch, with the gold earrings worn in the morning. The Duke wore a blue blazer and white shirt with blue chinos.

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