Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in India- Day 4

Day 4 of the Royal Tour of India and Bhutan was focused on nature and animal conservation at Kaziranga National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, in Assam. The Duke and Duchess went on a rhino safari the morning. Later, TRH met locals form Pan Bari Village, where they learned about rural life in India. They leave for Bhutan early next morning.

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The day started early in the morning for the Duke and Duchess, who begun their day with an open-air Jeep safari through Kaziranga National Park. they were accompanied by a guard, driver, and a ranger with tranquilizers. Before they started, the Duchess squeezed Prince Williams thigh, saying  “we’re all safe”. The jeeps behind them contained their private secretaries and the members of the Press. The convoy got close to many animals, including rhinos, who blocked the road. The Duchess took many pictures from her own canon camera. After an hour of observing animals, TRH arrived at the Bimoli Anti-Poaching Camp, where they met a group of Rangers.  The couple sat in a circle, and discussed the park’s successful efforts at protecting animals from poaching.  The Duke, who has worked to to stop animal poaching in the past, questioned the rangers about their job. The couple also heard stories about dangerous encounters with the animals and the poachers. The Duke and Duchess spent the final 30 minutes of the safari in private, without the media or most of their protection officers. 

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Later the Duke and Duchess visited the nearby Pan Bari Village. They were greeted by Village elders at the community centre. When asked by they hadn’t  brought Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the Duchess replied:  “Because George is too naughty. He would be running all over the place. The next time we come we will definitely bring them.” TRH met members of the local community, learning about life in Rural India. They met and shakes hands with children, before being treated to a traditional dance performance, featuring a traditional drummer band. The couple also visited a local home and tea plantation. The Duke and Duchess were greeted by Tilasha Das and his wife Utala who knelt down and touched the couple’s feet before they entered the House. The children and extended family of the hosts were also present. TRH inspected the family’s weaving loom, and the Duchess sat down to observe, while the Duke was unable to do so, because of his long legs. TRH were taken on a quick tour of the tea plantation by  Morami, who embraced the Duchess and kissed her on both hands, she said: “I hugged her because I love her. I think she’s very very pretty. She acts like a simple girl, not a princess.”The Duchess was presented with a beautiful red scarf with multi coloured flowers that had been woven by Mrs Das. “That is so special, thank you very much and thank you to your family”

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The Royal part moved on to the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation, where they met a group of young animals. The Centre provides emergency care and rehabilitation for wild animals that have been injured, displaced, or orphaned. The Royal Couple fed milk to small elephants and a rhino. They were described by  Vivek Menon, chief executive office of the Wildlife Trust of India: “They were absolutely thrilled and loved being with the animals. The Duchess loved the baby rhino particularly. The Duke said if he could he would have spent the whole day there.” TRH also decorated parade elephants during a visit to the Mark Shand Foundation, which was founded by the brother of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

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For the morning engagements, TRH sported casual looks, the Duchess wore a dotted blouse with brown biker jeans, with her Kiki McDonough citrine earrings. The Duke wore a khaki shirt and chinos. In the afternoon, the Duchess was wearing a wearing a pink Topshop dress, with her Monsoon earrings worn on Days 1 & 3. The Duke wore a grey shirt with chinos.

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On the evening of Day 4, there was an earthquake in Myanmar, but tremors were felt in Assam. Kensington Palace informed the press “Tremors felt across region. Everyone ok”

Day 4 was quite low key, compared to the past three days. TRH indulged their own interests, as well as bringing focus on important issues, such as the protection of animals. Day 5 will be much busier, with the Duke and Duchess moving on to Bhutan. 

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