State Opening of Parliament, 1953

The Queen wore the Imperial State Crown for the first time for the State Opening of Parliament on this day in 1952, 70 years ago, which was held a few months after her Coronation and just days before her departure on the 6-month Commonwealth Tour.

The Queen wore the George IV State Diadem with the Coronation Necklace and Earrings for the Carriage Ride to and from Buckingham Palace, changing into the Imperial State Crown upon arrival at the Palace of Westminster, which she was now able to do following her Coronation, having worn the State Diadem for the entire Ceremony the previous year.

Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent (wearing the Kent City of London Fringe Tiara, her Diamond Girandole Earrings and her Diamond Bow Brooch) and Princess Margaret (in the Cartier Halo Tiara) were among the members of the Royal Family and the British Aristocracy who joined the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh for the State Opening.

The Queen said in her first speech from the Throne today that she looked forward to visiting Australia and New Zealand at the end of 1953.

With deep pleasure, she would be able to fulfill at the end of next year her “long-cherished hopes of visiting, in company with My dear husband, my peoples of Australia, New Zealand and Ceylon.”

The Queen wore a white wrap and diamonds and pearls in her hair.

Still wholeheartedly attached to the ideals of the United Nations, Britain, she said, hoped for an early Korean armistice.

Cooperation with others of the Commonwealth and the Colonial Empire must be the keystone of the nation’s policy. Her Majesty, who was opening the new session of Parliament, foreshadowed big political battles in an 800-word speech.


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