Queen Noor’s Sapphire Brooch

Happy Birthday to Queen Noor al-Hussain of Jordan, who turns 72 today! The accomplished Arab-American who became the fourth wife of the late King Hussein and an influential philanthropist, Queen Noor possesses some splendid jewels, including her striking Sapphire Brooch!

Queen Noor’s Diamond Tiara | Sapphire Brooch

Queen Noor notably wore a striking Sapphire and Diamond Brooch set with a large cushion-shaped sapphire for the Inaugural Peace Builder’s Dinner at the Harold Pratt House in New York City in 2005. The Brooch was possibly acquired by King Hussein for Queen Noor but also could have been acquired by her in her widowhood.

In 2020, Queen Noor’s Sapphire Brooch was attached to a diamond necklace and worn as a headpiece by her youngest daughter, Princess Raiyah bint Hussein, for her Wedding to Faris Ned Donovan at Buckhurst Park in Windsor.

Princess Raiyah also wore the headpiece with Queen Noor’s Sapphire Brooch for Official Wedding Portraits by London Photographer Aliona Adrianova. Let’s hope we see this striking Jewel worn again soon!

Queen Noor’s Diamond Tiara | Sapphire Brooch


Queen Noor’s Diamond Tiara

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