Wedding of Alfonso, Prince of Asturias, 1933

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

The Wedding of Alfonso, Prince of Asturias, eldest son of King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain, and Edelmira Sampedro y Robato in a Civil Ceremony at the Lausanne Town Hall followed by a Roman Catholic Ceremony at the Church in Ouchy on this day in 1933, 90 years ago. 

The Prince of Asturias renounced his rights to the then-defunct Throne to marry the Cuban commoner, after which he took the courtesy title of Count of Covadonga. The couple divorced in 1937, with Edelmira keeping the title Countess of Covadonga until her death in 1994, while Prince Alfonso died in a car crash due to his haemophilia in 1938 after a short lived second marriage. The Spanish Monarchy was restored under his nephew, King Juan Carlos, in 1975, following which the Prince was re-entombed from Miami to the Pantheon of the Princes in El Escorial.


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