Princess Charlene’s Diamond Foam Tiara

Happy Birthday to Princess Charlene of Monaco, who turns 45 today! The South African Olympic Swimmer who became the Consort of the small Mediterranean Principality, the Princess is not known for wearing many jewels, but possesses some spectacular ocean-themed jewellery, which includes this Bäumer Diamond Foam Tiara!

Ocean Tiara | Diamond Foam Tiara

Composed as a spray of 60 carats of diamonds in white gold, with the largest diamond a whopping 8 carats, the Diamond Foam Tiara’s nautical theme is similar to Princess Charlene’s Ocean Tiara, fitting for a former Olympic Swimmer. The piece can be disassembled to form a large or a smaller brooch, or even a smaller hairpiece, and it can be worn on either side of the head. 

When Prince Albert II of Monaco was marrying Charlene Wittstock in 2011, major jewellery houses were asked to submit sketches for jewels for the new Princess, with the couple choosing this design by Lorenz Bäumer, which was then named the Diamond Foam Tiara, though it is sometimes called the Bäumer Aigrette Tiara. The Princess was involved during the process of its creation, with Bäumer releasing footage of her trying it on.

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Since she had loaned the larger Ocean Tiara to the Oceanographic Museum, the new Princess Charlene wore the Diamond Foam Tiara for her Wedding Ball on the Terraces of the Opéra de Monte-Carlo, with royal guests from around the world in attendance. That has, to date, been her only public appearance in a tiara. 

Princess Charlene later wore the Diamond Foam Tiara for a portrait, not long after her wedding, when she posed with Lorenz Bäumer as part of a series of publicity shots. With the Prince and Princess confirmed to attend the Coronation of King Charles III, lets hope we see this spectacular Tiara worn again soon. 

Ocean Tiara | Diamond Foam Tiara


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