Royal Heirs at Prinsjesdag

Later today, the Princess of Orange will join King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands for the annual Prinsjesdag (Prince’s Day or Budget Day) Speech to the Dutch Parliament to outline the government’s agenda for the coming session in The Hague. The annual ceremony held on the third Tuesday of every September, with members of the Dutch Royal Royal Family attending upon their coming-of-age, so we are featuring Royal Heirs at their first Prinsjesdag over the past 100 years.

In 1927, Crown Princess Juliana (wearing the Order of Orange-Nassau) joined Queen Wilhelmina and Prince Henrik for the first time for the Prinsjesdag Speech in the Ridderzaal (Hall of Knights) in The Hague.

Princess Beatrix joined Queen Juliana (wearing Queen Emma’s Sapphire Bow Brooch) and Prince Bernhard for the Prinsjesdag Speech in 1956, as part of her 18th Birthday Celebrations.

In 1985, Crown Prince Willem-Alexander attended his first Prinsjesdag, joining Queen Beatrix (in the Dutch Diamond Stars) and Prince Claus, as well as Princess Margriet and Pieter van Vollenhoven.


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