Dutch State Visit to Sweden, 1957

King Gustaf VI Adolf and Queen Louise of Sweden hosted Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands on their spectacular State Visit to Sweden on this day in 1957, which came exactly 30 years before the State Visit of their daughter, Queen Beatrix. The highlight was the State Banquet hosted by the Swedish King and Queen (wearing Queen Sofia’s 9-Prong Tiara) in honour of Queen Juliana (in the Dutch Sapphire Tiara) and Prince Bernhard at the Royal Palace of Stockholm, which was also attended by Princess Sibylla (wearing the Connaught Diamond Tiara), Princess Margaretha, Princess Brigitta, and Princess Desiree, which followed an appearance on the Palace Balcony.

There was also a Gala Performance at which Queen Juliana (wearing the Dutch Mellerio Ruby Parure) and Prince Bernhard were joined by King Gustaf VI Adolf and Queen Louise (in the Leuchtenberg Sapphire Tiara) as well as Princess Sibylla (wearing the Aquamarine Kokoshnik Tiara), Princess Margaretha (in the Diamond Tiara) and Princess Desiree. There was also a Return Gala hosted by the Queen (wearing the Aquamarine Tiara) and Prince in honour of the Swedish King and Queen, Princess Sibylla (in the Swedish Cameo Parure), Princess Margaretha (wearing the Diamond Tiara), Princess Brigitta, and Princess Desiree. Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard had welcomed the previous Swedish State Visit to The Netherlands in 1954, and also the next Swedish State Visit to The Netherlands in 1976.


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