Countess of Barcelona’s Art Deco Clips

Today marks the Anniversary of the Death of the Countess of Barcelona, mother of King Juan Carlos and grandmother of King Felipe of Spain, who passed away on this day in 2000!  The Bourbon-Two-Sicilies Princess who was the de-facto Queen Consort of Spain, the Countess had a magnificent jewellery collection, from which we are featuring her Art Deco Diamond Clips today!

Cartier Loop Tiara | Pearl BroochRuby Clip Brooch | Art Deco Diamond Clips | Pearl Bow Brooch | Pearl Bracelet

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Composed of varying geometric shapes, these Art Deco Diamond Clips entered the collection of Doña María de las Mercedes, Countess of Barcelona at some point in the 1940s, possibly a gift to mark the birth of one of her children, and soon became a great favourite, worn in a variety of different configurations.

The Countess continued to wear the Brooch through years in exile and the restoration of her son, King Juan Carlos, to the Spanish Throne, most notably in multiple series of portraits and also the 75th Birthday of the Count of Barcelona in 1988;

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After the Countess of Barcelona’s death in 2000, her Art Deco Diamond Clips were inherited by her younger daughter, Infanta Margarita, who had worn them earlier, at the Wedding Ball of Prince Juan Carlos of Spain and Princess Sophia of Greece in 1962. The Clips were most recently worn at the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2019 and there is no doubt we will contiue to see the earrings for years to come.

Cartier Loop Tiara | Pearl BroochRuby Clip Brooch | Art Deco Diamond Clips | Pearl Bow Brooch | Pearl Bracelet


One thought on “Countess of Barcelona’s Art Deco Clips

  1. The Countess of Barcelona has the most beautiful, expressive blue eyes ever. In them you can see sadness, happiness, worry, pride, resignation, anything, and everything! These twin clips are such an great example of Art Deco jewelry of the 1920s. I believe the Duchess of Gloucester had a beautiful pair which the current duchess wears. They were very much in vogue for a while and I for one would love for the mode to come back. They’re adorable!

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