The Princes and the Press

Episode 1: The New Generation

In what seems like one of the most controversial Royal Documentaries in recent years, in ‘The Princes and the Press’, Amol Rajan explores the years following the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the positive media reaction to the emergence of a new generation of royals. The first episode charts the years leading up to and including the engagement and marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, providing context for the princes’ relationship with the media, the film examines some of the illegal activities engaged in by some newspapers in the late 1990s and early 2000s, including hacking and ‘blagging’, and how these techniques were used to target members of the royal family and their associates. Episode 2 will be broadcast next week.

Episode 2: Sussexit

Having been denied a preview and an opportunity to prepare statements, all three Royal Households have threatened to boycott the BBC as they are sure that the documentary ‘will give credibility to unsubstantiated rumours about Royal Family’. The Telegraph.

Note: Documentaries like these are usually only available for a few days before being deleted, and while we do tend to continually update with new videos, it is recommended that you watch the programme as soon as possible.

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  1. I live in the states and I can’t find this ANYWHERE. I’m desperately trying to watch. Why can’t anyone outside the UK watch this?

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