Wedding of Princess Mako

Princess Mako of Akishino, the eldest daughter of Crown Prince Akishino and Crown Princess Kiko, married Kei Komuro with an official from the Imperial Household Agency registering the marriage on their behalf with the municipal government, followed by a Press Conference at a Hotel in Tokyo on October 26th. The Wedding took place without without any associated Imperial rites, due to the controversy of the match, and Princess Mako was seen off by her parents and younger sister Princess Kako as she departed Tōgū Palace, leaving behind her title and all vestiges of her Imperial life, and becoming Mrs Mako Komuro. Princess Kako later joined the couple at the hotel to support them ahead of the press conference.

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The Princess and Kei Komuro answered written questions:

When you got married, a series of ceremonies were not held and you did not receive a lump sum when you left the imperial family. Please tell us your feelings. What kind of words do you have from your parents, sisters and younger brothers, the Emperor , Their Majesties the Empress, and the Emperor Emeritus and his wife when you get married?

 As for my current feelings, I am relieved that I was able to get married. What has supported our hearts so far is the existence of each other and the people who have continued to encourage and support us. I would like to keep in my heart the words you received when you got married and how I take them. (Mako Komuro)

 I hadn’t seen Mako for three years, so I was very happy when I returned to Japan and met Mako. And I’m happy that I got married today. I’ve been away for a long time, but I’m grateful that Mako continued to have the same feelings. What I have supported my heart is that I was able to share various feelings while keeping in touch with Mako every day. (Kei Komuro)

Please tell us your feelings about becoming a civilian after leaving the imperial family, where Mako spent 30 years. What kind of environment does Mr. Komuro want to build? How will you two be involved with the imperial family in the future?

It’s been a while since I left the imperial family this morning. I think that the feeling of becoming a civilian will probably be felt at the earliest after the day of today and the day of tomorrow. It’s difficult to answer how you feel in a few hours. For me, the position of the imperial family consisted of being helped, watched over, supported, and warmed by many people. The time spent as a royal family is colored by numerous encounters. Each memory is a treasure, and it seems unlikely that you will be able to choose a specific memory. Regarding my future, I would like to refrain from answering because it is a private matter, but I hope that I can build a warm family in an environment where I can spend my time calmly. However, this does not mean that we have consulted and decided. From now on, I hope that you will be able to live with a calm feeling. There are various anxieties as we enter a new environment. The biggest concern is that I, my family, Kei-san, and Kei-san’s family will continue to be slanderous. Regarding the question of how I and Kei intend to be involved with the imperial family as a former royal family and their husbands, I can tell you that I would like to pray for the happiness of the imperial family as a person. about it. (Mako Komuro)

 As I live with Mako from now on, I would like to cherish that day and create a warm family. And I would like to continue to devote myself to creating an environment where Mako feels comfortable. I’ve always thought so since I started dating. Last question, I feel the same as Mako. (Kei Komuro)

Regarding the “financial troubles” surrounding the Komuro family, Crown Akishino was asked by Mr. Komuro to “appropriately respond” and “visiblely respond”. There are negative reports and comments on the internet about their marriage, but please tell us your thoughts.

How we accepted my father’s request is reflected in our subsequent response. We have responded to the best of our ability, but I think it will be up to the person who sees the response to determine how well we were able to respond. Regarding negative reports and postings on the Internet, it is not possible for false information to be taken up as if it were a fact without any mistakes and spread as a so-called (so-called) story. I felt a strong fear. Complex PTSD has been decided to be published in relation to marriage. I’m not feeling well now, but I’ve managed to survive to this day with the help of those around me. Kei is also worried about my physical condition and supports me. (Mako Komuro)

 So far, I have tried my best to respond, but I don’t think I can judge how much I was able to respond. I know there are negative thoughts about our marriage, but from now on I would like to cherish the life of two people. I would like to do my best to support Mako so that she can feel better quickly. (Kei Komuro)

Mr. Komuro’s mother’s financial troubles have not been resolved and Mr. Komuro’s career may be perceived as “use of the imperial family”. What are your feelings about the current situation regarding “convincing and blessing of many people” (as requested byAkishinomiya )? Also, what do you think about Mr. Komuro’s suspicion that he may have received special treatment by taking advantage of his position as “Mako’s fiancée”?

I think this question can give the impression that the wrong information is true. Imagine answering such a question verbally at the venue, and I thought it would be impossible to answer the question verbally, as fear would reignite and the trauma would spread further. We are very sorry to have received a question that could give the impression that the incorrect information is true. We will answer questions related to ①. As I mentioned earlier, Kei’s mother’s response to her ex-fiancée was in the direction I requested. There were many specific advices, but I cannot list them here, so I will refrain from answering them. I think each person has their own feelings about “convincing and blessing.” However, we are grateful to those who continue to support us in difficult circumstances and congratulate us on today’s day. And I am grateful that Kei, who has been exposed to many unfounded and harsh criticisms, has continued to have the intention to marry me. If he had given up on marrying me, Kei would not have been exposed to such unfounded criticism for years. We will answer questions related to ②. There is no fact that Kei tried to enter Fordham University as a “fiancé”. (Mako Komuro)

Regarding the question related to (1), there is a part where the answer overlaps with what I said in “Thoughts about the events so far”. The details of what is said to be a financial trouble between my mother and my ex-fiancé are as announced in April this year. As I wrote in the published document, I and my mother have occasionally thanked my ex-fiancée, and I am still grateful. Discussions between my mother and her ex-fiancée have been conducted through the reporter of the weekly magazine designated by her ex-fiancée. The person who responded to this reporter was my mother’s attorney-at-law. When I proposed a solution by handing over the settlement money in April this year, I received a reply that it was important to meet my mother. However, my mother is mentally ill and has a doctor stop to meet her ex-fiancée. Therefore, I wanted to take care of my mother, and I told her through my mother’s attorney-at-law. Former fiancés have responded positively through the reporter of the weekly magazine, which is the contact point for former fiancés. I would like to do my best to resolve it. The desire to receive the settlement money has not changed. There is no such fact regarding the illegal receipt of survivor’s pension . We will answer questions related to ②. There is no fact that I used the imperial family. There is no “special treatment as a fiancé”. Fordham University’s Admission policy stipulates that admission qualifications are not limited to law graduates, but that they have received equivalent legal education. In my case, Fordham University School of Law accepted the law studies that I had completed before I entered law school , so my application was accepted. Full tuition exemptionThe scholarship was decided based on a comprehensive evaluation including the grades I submitted. In the admissions process, I have never mentioned that I am the “Princess Mako’s fiance”. I explained the situation that the Japanese media may contact the university and may cause inconvenience after the admission decision. Regarding the description on the university’s website, it was decided by the university after comprehensively considering the situation. (Kei Komuro)

How do you feel that Mako has become a scandal compared to Princess Megan ( who lives in the United States away from the official duties of the British royal family )?

This question was asked in English and Japanese versions. The scandal used in English questions also means scandal, but our answer assumes that scandal means controversy. I think that the reason why this event was controversial was that the wrong information was taken up as if it was a fact without any mistake, and it spread as a so-called story. This made me terrified and painful and sad. I don’t really think about what is being compared. As with the answers to the questions I received earlier, I would like to refrain from answering any future personal matters, but at this time I am not considering accepting interviews. I want to live a peaceful life in a new environment. (Mako Komuro)

Princess Mako announced her engagement to Kei Komuro in 2017, with the Wedding originally expected to take place in November 2018, but was postponed for approximately three years due to a financial dispute that resulted in her parents and the public’s disapproval of the match and made Princess Mako suffer from complex PTSD. In marrying a commoner, Princess Mako will formally lose her title and become a commoner upon marriage as required by the Imperial Household, and will also forego the Japanese government’s taxpayer funded payment of approximately $1.3m USD given to royal women upon leaving the Imperial Family. Princess Mako will now move to the United States with her husband, who is employed at New York-based law firm Lowenstein Sandler LLP.

Last week, Princess Mako had a private meeting with her uncle and aunt, Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako, and grandparents, Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko, as she conducted modified rites to mark her departure from the Imperial Family.

Learn about Princess Mako’s Diamond Tiara and Parure, which has now returned to the Imperial Household Agency!

Crown Prince Akishino said:

Today, our eldest daughter, Mako, is married.

Since she first announced that we were going to get married, something unexpected happened to us. We received various suggestions from around us, as well as voices of concern and opposition. It also had a considerable impact on the imperial family. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Today, I submitted the marriage registration and it was accepted. From the time they started thinking about marriage to today, despite all the difficult things they had, their thoughts never shook. Last year, I (Fumihito) told at a press conference that I would accept the marriage of the two, because their ideas were always consistent. We hope that their will continue to cherish our feelings and build a happy family in their own way.

This time, the marriage was unprecedented for the imperial family. However, I would like to express my deep gratitude to those who quietly watched over us and those who supported us directly and indirectly.”

Princess Kako said:

My sister has been and will always be very important to me. We had a good time together, and the presence of my sister often made me feel saved. I am sincerely grateful. Also, I am grateful that Kei Komuro cares about my sister.

Regarding marriage, I was very sad that the wrong information was taken up as if it were true and that there were many slanderous injuries. Even under such circumstances, I have seen up close how my sister and Kei Komuro support each other. We are delighted that the two have been married today.

I sincerely hope that my sister, Kei Komuro, and Kei Komuro’s family will be able to spend calm days in the future.


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  1. How incredibly sad this all seems. I do hope the young couple can find peace and happiness now!

  2. This is really sad to me. Usually , youre mean to be happy for the two couples but, to witness what they’ve went through, doesn’t really make for a happy departure.

  3. In the best of cases, marriage is a very uncertain enterprise, requiring the commingling of two families and two individuals who will learn how to live together harmoniously. However, these two young people are facing the world alone and it’s due to the severity of an Imperial Household entrenched in archaic customs and attitudes. I was so glad that Princess Kako gave her sister a heartfelt embrace which her parents were unable- or maybe unwilling- to give her. If the imperial Household persists in acting this way, it will soon find itself with nobody to govern- except maybe for one lonely boy. So sad.

    I wish this young couple all the luck and happiness in the world. May they live long and prosper!

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