Princess Märtha Louise’s Pearl Choker

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway is set to celebrate her 50th Birthday next week! The only daughter of King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway, and the only Norwegian Princess of her generation, Princess Märtha Louise has accumulated quite a substantial jewellery collection, which we will be featuring in the days leading up to her Birthday, starting with her Pearl Choker!

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Princess Märtha Louise’s Moonstone Parure | Diamond Chandelier Earrings | Diamond Necklace

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A five-strand pearl choker, with an antique pearl and diamond clasp, with three diamond pendants, the Choker was likely a gift to Princess Märtha Louise from her grandfather, King Olav V of Norway, at time of her Confirmation in 1986, when she was pictured wearing the choker at the Gala Dinner.

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While Princess Märtha Louise would receive her Moonstone Suite, Diamond Necklace, and the King Olav’s Gift Tiara by the time of her 18th Birthday in 1989, the Pearl Choker remained a favourite throughout the 1990s, being notably worn for Crown Prince Haakon’s 18th Birthday in 1991, Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik’s 25th Wedding Anniversary Gala in 1992, the Wedding Gala of Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg and Sibilla Weiller in 1994, King Carl XVI Gustaf’s 50th Birthday Gala in 1996, and King Harald and Queen Sonja’s 60th Birthday Gala in 1997.

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After wearing the Pearl Choker at Queen Margrethe’s 60th Birthday Banquet in 2000, Princess Märtha Louise paired the Choker with a whimsical gown at the Gala held on the eve of her Wedding to Ari Behn in 2002. The most recent appearance of the Pearl Choker was in 2010, when it was paired with Princess Märtha Louise’s Diamond Chandelier Earrings for a Gala during the Dutch State Visit. As Princess Märtha Louise’s daughters grow up, and chokers come back into fashion, there is no doubt this splendid piece will make a reappearance soon!


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