Wedding Ball of Princess Ileana of Romania and Archduke Anton of Austria, 1931

Queen Marie of Romania (wearing her Cartier Pearl Tiara) poses with her daughter, Princess Ileana (in Empress Marie Louise’s Diamond Tiara), and Archduke Anton of Austria, the son of Archduke Leopold Salvator of Austria and Infanta Blanca of Spain, during their Wedding Ball at Peleș Castle in Sinaia on this day in 1931, on the eve of their Wedding. Princess Ileana talked about the occasion in her memoir ‘I Live Again’:

I may as well begin by telling you frankly that a princess spends very little of her time wearing a diadem! Although the court functions at Bucharest were always dignified and beautiful, by the standards of some courts they were simple and sober ones. I myself wore the lovely sapphire and diamond tiara on only one state occasion, and that was at a large ball which the Legitimist Party gave in the Hofburg in Vienna, four years after I was married. I went to only one “court ball” in my life, and that was at my own wedding; but there I wore a much smaller diadem given me by my father-in-law. (It was, however, an appropriate one for the occasion when the title “Archduchess of Austria” had been added to my name, because the diadem had originally been a present from Napoleon to Maria Louisa, who was also an archduchess of Austria.)


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  1. Thank you for posting. The photo of the Princess and Archduke with Queen Marie was new to me. It is a great way to start the day when one discover such surprises when checking new posts 🙂

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