Prince Louis of Luxembourg engaged to Scarlett-Lauren Sirgue

The Grand Ducal Court of Luxembourg has released that Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg are delighted to announce the engagement of their son, Prince Louis of Luxembourg, to Scarlett-Lauren Sirgue:

We are very happy to announce the engagement of our son, Prince Louis, to Miss Scarlett-Lauren Sirgue.

Princes Gabriel and Noah join us in surrounding the new couple with all our affection. We wish them immense happiness.

Further details about the Wedding will be released in due course. Prince Louis was married to Tessy Antony from 2006 until their divorce in 2017, and they have two sons, Prince Gabriel (who was born a few months before his parents’ wedding) and Prince Noah, who, along with their mother, weren’t given Princely Titles until 2009. Prince Louis renounced his succession rights to the world’s only Grand Duchy at the time of his first marriage, but continues to be a member of the Royal Family. Tessy recently announced her own engagement and pregnancy. Scarlett-Lauren Sirgue is a lawyer specialising in Victims’ Law, which she will continue, along with the Prince who works for the same firm, after their marriage. We offer our congratulations to the couple on this wonderful news!

UPDATE | Tessy has written in our comments:

My sons and I are extremely delighted for Louis and his future wife. An engagement is a celebration of unity and love which is all i wish for them

UPDATE: Prince Louis of Luxembourg and Scarlett-Lauren Sirgue have decided to end their engagement:

“We are not going to get married. However, there was no shadow, no problem on our couple but fundamental differences of opinion which led us to this decision”


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