Wedding of Duke Philipp of Württemberg and Duchess Marie-Caroline in Bavaria, 1991

The Religious Wedding of Duke Philipp of Württemberg, son of the Duke Carl of Württemberg and Princess Diane of Orleans, and Duchess Marie-Caroline in Bavaria (wearing the Douglas Floral Tiara), daughter of Prince Max, Duke in Bavaria and Countess Elisabeth Douglas, at Schloss Tegernsee on this day in 1991, following the Civil Wedding at Schloss Altshausen, a Ball at Schloss Nymphenburg, and a Ball at Schloss Tegernsee. The couple have four children, including Duchess Sophie, Countess Maximilien d’Andigné.

The Wedding Ball at Schloss Nymphenburg was hosted by the bride’s grandfather, the Duke of Bavaria, with the Duke of Württemberg (in the Order of the Golden Fleece), The Duchess of Württemberg (wearing the Württemberg Sapphire Tiara), Duke Philipp of Württemberg,  Duchess Marie-Caroline (in the Diamond Rosette Tiara) Prince Max, Duke in Bavaria, Princess Elisabeth, Duchess in Bavaria (wearing the Diamond and Pearl Tiara), and the Duke of Bavaria pictured. The Duke and Princess Diane, Duchess of Württemberg (wearing her Ruby Tiara) were pictured with Prince Max, Duke in Bavaria and Princess Elisabeth, Duchess in Bavaria (wearing the Bavarian Pearl and Diamond Floral Tiara) at the Ball at Schloss Tegernsee on the eve of the Wedding, which was hosted by the Duke and Duchess in Bavaria. Most of the other attendees (including the bride) did not wear Tiaras!

A huge thanks to Stefan (TwitterInstagram) for sharing some of the wonderful images in this article!


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