Dutch State Visit to Belgium, 1960

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King Baudouin of Belgium hosted Queen Juliana and Crown Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands on their State Visit to the Kingdom of Belgium on this day in 1960, the highlight of which was a State Banquet at the Royal Palace of Brussels, when the King (wearing the Order of the Netherlands Lion), Queen (in the Stuart Tiara and the Order of Leopold), and Crown Princess (wearing Queen Emma’s Diamond Tiara and the Order of Leopold), were joined by the Prince (in the Order of Orange-Nassau) and Princess de Liège (in her Diamond Necklace and the Order of the House of Orange).

Queen Juliana (wearing the Mellerio Ruby Tiara) and Crown Princess Beatrix (in the Antique Pearl Tiara) were also hosted by the Belgian Royal Family at the Chateau de Laeken, while Dowager Queen Elizabeth joined another Banquet with Queen Juliana (wearing the Dutch Diamond Bandeau and Queen Wilhelmina’s Diamond Trellis Necklace) and Princess Beatrix (in the Aquamarine Tiara).

Dutch Royal Visits to Belgium


3 thoughts on “Dutch State Visit to Belgium, 1960

  1. What a difference color makes! Princess Beatrix’s dress is a bright shade of green/lime that blindingly contrasts with her purple sash. Her tiara, on the other hand, is magnificent! Queen Juliana look every inch a queen in her Stuart Tiara. I wonder why didn’t Prince Bernhard attend?

  2. I totally agree! Those white tie events were indeed very colourful, something that has been lost with this new “trend” of black-tie, no orders and even worse: suit and tie dinners at dinners hosted during State Visits or other important Royal celebrations.

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