Queen Margrethe’s 80th Birthday

Queen Margrethe of Denmark is celebrating her 80th Birthday today, and while the big celebrations to mark the day have been cancelled, that did not stop the celebrations to mark the big day. Click HERE to take a look at our feature on Queen Margrethe’s Top 8 Jewels.

UPDATE- A new Official Gala Portrait of Queen Margrethe (wearing the Pearl Poire Tiara and the Crown Pearl Suite, the Collar and Star of the Order of the Elephant and the Badge of the Order of the Dannebrog) taken in the Dome Hall at Fredensborg Castle by photographer Per Morten Abrahamsen in the summer of 2020.

UPDATE- Exactly two months after her birthday, Queen Margrethe’s 80th Birthday celebrations continued with the ‘Children from Denmark’s municipalities celebrate the Queen’ event at Christiansborg Palace. Earlier this year, Denmark’s 98 municipalities and the National Association of Local Authorities (KL) decided to come together for a joint gift to the Queen. Pupils from third classes have interpreted and painted under the themes “Queen” and “Landmark” in my municipality”, and the 98 paintings were presented to the Queen in the Knights Hall at Christiansborg.

In the afternoon, Queen Margrethe was joined by Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary for the opening of the “The Faces of the Queen” exhibition at Frederiksborg Castle, which portrays the Queen’s life, work and special interests. They also unveiled a new portrait by artist Niels Strøbek, which depicts Queen Margrethe (wearing her Wedding Earrings, Crown Pearl Necklace, and her Engagement Ring):

under open starry sky and without royal artifacts, but the frame in pear tree is adorned by the royal crown, which among other things is found in the arms of the kingdom.

In the morning of April 16th, Queen Margrethe was woken up by members of her staff singing ‘I Danmark er jeg født, der har jeg hjemme,’ at Fredensborg Palace. Afterwards, she sat down to watch the nation singing for her birthday before going out to wave to a few people that had gathered outside the gate, and then later received some officials. In the evening, Queen Margrethe (wearing her Diamond Daisy Brooch) gave a speech:

Celebrating a birthday is a deep and rooted tradition in Denmark. We celebrate it differently, but for most people it should preferably be with family and friends. This is how it usually is in my family. I have always been delighted to be able to celebrate my birthday. Being able to feel, quite literally, the heart-warming atmosphere that feeds me into the day itself. It has always meant something special to me.

This has not been the case for years. We have been visited by an uninvited and dangerous guest who has left his mark all over the country. Many parties, celebrations and weddings have been touched, and so is my birthday.

Has it been a long and sad day then?

No not at all. On the contrary, the day has brought me so many joys, and has enriched me, more than I can say.

It touches me deeply that so many have wanted to join me in celebrating this year as well. I thank with all my heart for the greetings, for the songs, and for the many thoughts that have flowed to me today from all parts of the kingdom. The ingenuity and ingenuity of the Danes has been overwhelming. Many, despite their own worries and sorrows, have taken the time to send me their birthday greetings.

In retrospect, I will remember my 80th birthday as something unique, one of the most memorable. Here too, it has been found that when the crisis strikes us, we can and will unite in the community – together, but at a distance. Almost a month ago, I talked about the serious challenge that the corona crisis is – not just for our community, but for the whole world. I urged everyone to understand the seriousness of what we are facing.

Each and every one of us is put on a difficult test. Many are sick, many have lost loved ones, and many are worried about how things are going. My thoughts go to each one. We are experiencing an uncertain time; but we also see that everyone is making every effort to end the crisis and follow the instructions of the authorities – this applies to both children and adults. It has just been Easter and many of us have had to celebrate it in a different way than we are used to. The message of Easter has not been less powerful. Here too we have experienced being together, though individually.

But the crisis has also taught us something about ourselves that we can be proud of. We know more than we think; by and large the Danes support and help each other from every place in our community. Going forward and new ideas are emerging, and we are seeing new ways of working and being together. We have shown that we care for each other and that selfishness is in a tight spot. We have noticed that the absence of close togetherness – and of a hug – means more than we had imagined. Much indicates that together we contribute to getting the disease under control. We have shown that we can get along and that it is heading in the right direction; but now it’s true, because we’re not through yet. It is tiring and cumbersome to make everyday life work. It has become sad and lonely for many, especially for single and elderly people who feel cut off from their accustomed world. But now we must continue to persevere so that we all, big and small, young and old, can get through the crisis well. Then we can return to a Denmark that will probably have changed, but which will nevertheless be our everyone’s Denmark – rooted in our community and trust in each other.

My birthday was not as I imagined, but I am grateful for who it became – thank you to everyone who helped make it a festive and memorable day. Now we are slowly opening Denmark again. My thoughts and greetings go back to each one in this country and throughout the Kingdom with the desire for hope and comfort and good courage.


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🇸🇪 🇳🇴 🇳🇱 🇩🇰 🇪🇸 🇧🇪 🇱🇺⁣ Det var en glæde for Hendes Majestæt Dronningen, da en række af Europas kongelige for kort tid siden overraskede Dronningen med en fødselsdagsvideohilsen. ⁣ ⁣ Her vises et kort uddrag fra de mange hilsner fra Deres Majestæter Sveriges, Norges, Spaniens , Belgiens og Nederlandenes Konger og Dronninger, Deres Kongelige Højheder Luxembourgs Storhertugpar samt Deres Kongelige Højheder Norges Kronprinspar, Sveriges Kronprinsessepar og Prins Carl Philip.⁣ Herudover modtog Majestæten en række private videohilsener fra Dronningens kollegaer, familie og venner blandt de europæiske kongehuse, herunder en personlig hilsen fra Deres Kongelige Højheder Prinsen af Wales og Hertuginden af Cornwall. ⁣ // A number of Europe’s royal family members surprised Her Majesty The Queen with a video greeting on 16 April 2020 on the occasion of the 80th birthday. Though Their Majesties and Their Royal Highnesses could not be present to celebrate The Queen in Denmark as otherwise planned, all nevertheless wanted to delight Her Majesty with personal congratulations. Here are excerpts from the many greetings that The Queen has just seen.⁣ In the video, you can see greetings from Their Majesties The Kings and Queens of Sweden, Norway, Spain, Belgium and The Netherlands, Their Royal Highnesses the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg and Their Royal Highnesses the Crown Prince Couple of Norway, the Crown Princess Couple of Sweden and Prince Carl Philip. In addition, Her Majesty received a number of other private video messages from the Queen’s colleagues, friends and family members among the European royal houses, including a personal greeting from Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall. ⁣ ⁣ 🎥: Kongehuset i samarbejde med⁣ @kungahuset @detnorskekongehus ⁣ @koninklijkhuis ⁣ @belgianroyalpalace ⁣ @courgrandducale ⁣ @crownprincessmm ⁣ @prinsparet og det spanske kongehus©️⁣

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Queen Margrethe received sweet birthday wishes from her four grandchildren, and also fulfilled a prediction of mine (sadly without the Orders and Tiaras) with Royalty from around Europe (who were set to attend the original celebrations, wishing Queen Margrethe a very Happy Birthday! King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, and Prince Carl Phillip from Sweden, King Harald and Queen Sonja, and Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette Marit of Norway, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of The Netherlands, King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain, King Philippe of Belgium, and Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Theresa of Luxembourg all joined in to wish their dear friend and cousin ‘Daisy’!

In the past few days, the Danish Royal Court has been releasing a series of portraits, taken by Per Morten Abrahamsen in the fall.

I was on an exchange semester in Denmark (I choose it mainly to be able to witness the birthday celebrations), but was sadly been recalled back to Canada by my university after circumstances rapidly changed last month.


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  1. Queen Margrethe looks wonderful on her 80th birthday! She cuts a very charming and elegant figure in her suits and especially in the gray outfit she’s wearing in the last two photographs. She has eight beautiful grandchildren who love her and no doubt wish her many more years with them. Her relatives in the royal world have expressed their best wishes as well, and the younger generation has sweetly called her ‘Dear Auntie” which is absolutely charming! I wish her joy!

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