Queen Margrethe’s Saudi Diamond Necklace

Next week, Queen Margrethe of Denmark will celebrate her 80th Birthday and while the big celebrations to mark the day have been cancelled, we are still continuing with our series on her Top 8 Jewels to mark her 80th Birthday, starting with Queen Margrethe’s Saudi Diamond Necklace.

Featuring a dense diamond design by Harry Winston, the Diamond Necklace was a gift to Queen Margrethe from King Fahd of Saudi Arabia during her State Visit to the country in 1984.

Most frequently worn with her Floral Aigrette Tiara and the Dagmar Floral Tiara, the Saudi Diamond Necklace has not been among Queen Margrethe’s most worn jewels, and was seen most often in the 1980s and 1990s, not being worn for over a decade at this point. It’s a beautiful piece and I hope to see it soon on her daughters-in-law or granddaughters.


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