Crown Princess Mary’s Wedding Earrings

Happy 15th Anniversary to Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, who got married on this day in 2004. Since we have already taken a look at the Wedding and the Tiara, we are taking a look at Crown Princess Mary’s Wedding Earrings-

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Featuring large South Sea Pearls in a frame of brilliant-cut diamonds set in platinum, the earrings were commissioned from Danish jeweller Marianne Dulong, and worn for the first time by Crown Princess Mary at her wedding.

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The Wedding Earrings were frequently worn during the early years of Crown Princess Mary’s marriage, worn not only for gala events, but also for black tie and cocktail occasions. In recent years, the earrings have been worn with the Pearl version of her Wedding Tiara, though they still remain frequently worn today.


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  1. These are very pretty and versatile. You can never go wrong with a nice set of pearl earrings! However, if they were mine, I think I would make a small modification to them and that is to raise the two small diamonds in the clasp so that the first one coincides with the earlobe. That way you wouldn’t see the bare wire hanging from the ear. Do you happen to know if these were a gift from the groom or her parents? Congratulations on their anniversary to the happy couple! May they celebrate many many more!

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